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Innovative Drug Delivery

Technologies for Better Life

BioSerenTach has the original innovative drug delivery technologies and provides the pharmaceutical companies with the drug delivery systems to develop and commercialize new pharmaceutical products.

By designing drug delivery systems that break down the barriers inherent to many APIs in the traditional delivery approaches, BioSerenTach helps to reduce the side effects, enhances the pharmacological activity of many APIs and improves QOL of patients in the world.

BioSerenTach provides new percutaneous
DDS, dissolving micropiles (DMs), for the
development of vaccine against COVID-19. DMs have a great advantage against conventional IM injection solution, because DMs directly deliver antigen to its target cells, Langerhans cells in the skin epidermis. Then, DMs formulated with 1/10 amount of antigen induces the same antibody titer as IM injection preparation.

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